Rotary Cam Switches

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We have established ourselves among the leading Rotary Cam Switches Manufacturer and Rotary Cam Switches Suppliers. We manufacture a fascinating range of optimum quality Rotary cam switches that carries a minimum guarantee of 1 year. Current carrying components used in the Rotary cam switches are made from Brass & Bronze.

When it comes to excellent quality Rotary cam switches manufacturer and Rotary cam switches suppliers, then there are very few alternative available to us. Our Rotary Cam Switches are exactly in accordance with the demand of the market that's why we are considered as reliable and reputed Rotary cam switches manufacturer and Rotary cam switches suppliers.

Unique Rotary Cam Switches are well engineered and designed to meet the requirements of latest concepts in switching technology demanding miniaturization and sophistication in control engineering. these switches are hand operated, assembled on packet principle for multi position and multi pole circuits.

Switching Angles Available:

These Switches are manufactured to suit switching angles like 30, 45, 60, 90 depending on the number of positions and ways required. The switching angle is restricted to 30 in case of spring return mechanism Switches, which can be made available on special request only.

Mountings Available:

The standard Mounting available in these type of Switches are Flush at the back of panel, i.e.-panel Mounting. However base Mounting, i.e, Flush at the front of panel, can also be provided on request.

Specifications Complying:

Unique Rotary Cam Switches Comply to revelant I.S. Specifications mentioned below:

I.S. -13947 (Part I and Part V)

  • RCS - 001

    RCS - 001
  • RCS - 002

    RCS - 002